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Hypoallergenic Memory-Foam Cooling Bamboo Pillows

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Now featuring a Bamboo memory foam pillow with 3 types of pillow supports! Ideal for back sleeps, stiff necks, and a relief of neck / sleep pain. These new supports are to help you choose the comfort you want and the support you need. The outer cover can easily be removed for easy washing! Promotes proper neck / back alignment, helps alleviate health issues like upper back pain, shoulder & neck stiffness, and tension headaches to reduce tossing and turning for back, stomach, and side sleepers.

- Sold in a pack option.
- Material contents - 50% Bamboo, 50% Polyester
- Queen size - 25" x 16"
- 3 pillow supports - Soft, Medium, Firm
- Eliminates pain for stiff neck / back pain.
- Provides therapeutic relief
- Option of Comfort levels for your support needs