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Zen Garden Grass Rug with Drainage Holes, Blade Height 0.4" (10mm), 27 oz/sq. yard, 6 ft x 4 ft

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* Compared to alternates that have short and less dense coverage, Zen Garden Grass Rug is dense and weighs 27 oz. per square yard
* Grass rug is versatile and can be used both indoor and outdoor on floors as well as walls
* Rubber-backed with drainage holes; Grass blades are close to 0.4"(10mm) length
* Comes in multiple sizes; Can be cut to fit your exact requirements
* Durable and low maintenance; no mowing, no fertilizers or pesticides

Product Dimensions: 10.0 x 0.5 x 15.0 in
Weight: 2.0 lb

Artificial Grass So Realistic You’ll Be None the Wiser Whether you’re looking for a synthetic grass patch to act as a bathroom for your pooch, to take the stress out of maintaining your yard, or to breathe some life into your balcony, Pet Zen Garden treats you to the highest-quality authentic grass there is. Invest in a premium synthetic grass patch that’s deceptively realistic, designed to last, and a breeze to maintain. - Substantially heavy for an extra-lush feel. - 100% weather resistant synthetic yarns. - Natural-looking multi-tone blade color. - Drainage holes and rubber backing. - Tested to be completely lead-free. About Pet Zen Garden We set out to create premium synthetic grass patches that blended aesthetics and functionality. Artificial grass that could weather the harshest sun or torrential rain. Fake grass that pets or kids would love spending time on. Synthetic grass that looked so real your neighbor would have to get on all fours to confirm it’s not. And that’s how Pet Zen Garden was born. Heavier Design Accentuate your patio or yard with a synthetic grass roll so soft you won’t want to step off it! Pet Zen Garden achieves this lush softness by using the best quality turf. Compared to competition, PZG grasses are denser and heavier. Inspired by Nature Our indoor and outdoor synthetic grass is carefully modeled against the lovely look of fescue. Combining a 4-tone hue and 1.7” grass blades, this artificial grass instantly spruces up any space with a natural-looking touch. Complement your home with synthetic grass that doesn’t immediately scream fake. Great Pet Pee Grass Keep pet odor at bay with a fake grass turf designed to do just this. Our synthetic grass patches have unique polypropylene grass blades that never absorb pee odor and drainage holes for extra-easy clean-up. Just occasionally hose down the grass patches to keep them hygienically odor-free. Thoughtful Design No need to bring out that nail gun. This artificial grass patch comes with a convenient rubber backing that others don’t. So it will stay in place as the kids play or as the dogs explore. The patches can also be easily trimmed to size to fit your space’s unique dimensions.